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Here’s my entry for the Kirk/Spock Big Bang community! I chose to illustrate lah_mrh’s awesome fanfic, “Both Sides Now".

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WHAT EVEN....this is a response to that awesome cinqo de mayo night where simon pegg and zq were tweeting what dreams are made of!

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Art: Merry Christmas Baby | STXI | RATING G

Here's my entry for this year's ksadvent calendar!

Title: Merry Christmas Baby
Artist: insideapollo
Series: (STXI)
Rating: G

based loosely on this prompt:

After breaking up with Uhura, Spock decides to find a mate the logical way - using the ship-wide internet personals section. It is anonymous and discrete, and won't lead to anyone gossiping about his bedroom abilities (or lack thereof) in the mess hall. He discovers his thy'la in a quiet scientist/engineer with a love for physics and action movies, who can both best him at chess and make him laugh. He has no idea who she is, but she has agreed to meet him underneath the mistletoe at midnight on Christmas Eve. When confronted with his very male Captain, Spock at first thinks a cruel joke has been played - and then he notices how nervous Jim looks...

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star trek big bang post!

Entry for startrekbigbang

Title: How We Are (But Not How We're Going To Be)
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot, AOS, XI (Kirk/Spock)
Author: alpha_hydra
Artist: insideapollo
Mixer: jazzy_peaches

Rating: R

Summary: “I don’t want to see a shrink,” Kirk’s voice says tersely. “I don’t care if this is just, what, some kind of way to humiliate your best friend, sending him to a marriage counselor with the First Officer who hates him, but I’m not doing it again.”

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art dump 8D o hay it's spring!

what the deuce, haven't posted here in ages. here's my most recent stuff :D

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Happy Spring everyone! Oh and ya, I love the The Warbler's :D

The Lightning Round is taking place at the livejournal help_japan community. I'm offering art for charity! You can bid here!

I'm also offering work for another lj community, helpthesouth after the terrible tornadoes in Alabama, USA. Click the banner to be led to the site or go directly to my offer link here.


KS Valentine Post

My submission for the KS Valentine Calendar!

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Happy <3 Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

I'll be posting my submission for ksvalentine on the 16th but in the mean time here's a drabble for the special day and some oldies.

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Happy Valentine's Day BB's!!!! here's one of my favorite kirk/spock fanvids to celebrate XD

Happy Holidays :)

Fred and George wish you a merry christmas and Kirk and Spock a Happy New Year!! Posting summary of 2010 art here too ;3

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Now enjoy this fantastic video and jump up and down for the new year!!